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You are already established or just starting in the IT sector, we are here to help You with ...

Monitoring your applications and services

We can help You with the real-time Monitoring and Analysis of Your application environments. We will integrate the best solutions available on the market, create and support Your accounts on those platforms, so You know how Your app performance is affecting Your business. Read more.



Virtual teams

We offer You a dedicated resource model, that allows You to quickly setup your own nearshore / offshore IT teams. You get to select the people that will work exclusively for You and manage them as You would manage your own staff.

Testing Your applications and services

If You don't have enough or do not want to hire dedicated test resources and specialists working on full time positions, we can help You with our On-demand QA team. They are available for hire per day or even hourly, based on Your own needs.



QA consulting

Whether starting from scratch or thinking about improving all or just some of Your QA processes and technologies being used. Our consultancy services cover the full range of Your QA needs, both functional and non-functional testing.

Company trainings

We can offer quality training, structured and tailored as per Your needs and those of Your employees. Our flexible schedules and interactive methods makes learning interesting, not an obligation. We organize trainings both in the client's office or via our online Platform.

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