Application Monitoring as a Service

We combine the benefits of cloud computing technology and traditional on-premise IT infrastructure monitoring solutions, for You.

When to choose this service?

You are looking for Real Time Monitoring Data. Simplified management and 24x7 access. Truly Pay-For-Use solution. No need for integration with other 3rd party suppliers.
In the same time, You don't want to invest in maintenance, in-house team of experts and infrastructure.


Monitor Your business critical features

All You have to do is choose frequency and locations, from where the monitors will run. That's all! We will setup, implement and maintain the monitors for You.

The following types of monitors are available:
Scripted Browser - real browser data, generated from the visits to Your site
API Tests - requests made to Your API endpoints and the recorded responses
Simple Browser - request made to Your site through an instance of a browser and content parsing libraries
Ping monitor - simple and quick network checks, used to show Your servers reachability


Check Your applications performance from around the globe

We can test how Your services work from 15 different locations, every minute, very day. You will get the data for analysis and the generated error logs.

Flexible, simple pricing options to fit Your business needs.

Our platform

Small Business

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  • 5000 checks included
  • 1 project
  • 1 monitor type
  • 1 location
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Integrated providers

Advanced Monitoring

starting from


  • 10000 checks included
  • 1 project
  • 2 monitor types
  • 1 location
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Extensive Monitoring

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  • 10000 checks included
  • 2 projects
  • 2 monitor types
  • 2 locations
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