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Who We Are

We are an adaptive team of experts that’s always improving.
Our solutions gets better every single day, using the collective intelligence from delivering services across the IT Business to adjust routes and avoid problems before they happen.

We are constantly evolving!
Started as B2C company for Virtual education, we are getting more and more B2B oriented. Trainings and free learning resources will be always a part of our portfolio.

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Our Approach

We deliver.
As customer-oriented company our most important goal is to meet clients' needs and exceed expectations. Understanfing your business at its core is essential part of our solutions and services.

We follow the most appropriate methodologies that apply to your business context. Always trying to combine advantages of all used methodologies Agile, Scrum, RUP, XP or XDSD, we focus on the most efficient one according to your needs.

No Compromises About Code Quality.
We pay much more attention to the quality and uniformity of our source code than most of our competing software testing teams. If a pull request violates even one rule of the static analyzer, it won't be accepted. And, it doesn't matter how small or innocent that violation may look. This merging process is fully automated and can't be bypassed.

Empower your development process.
Through the entire development processes, we are able to provide you with end-to-end visibility and health data that sometimes is very hard to achieve, especially between development and testing.

Domain Expertise.
Customized Test Strategy per client help us utilise battle proved Domain specific technical skills.

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